Where GMBS Business Support provides mainly advisory and supporting services to the green sectors, GMBS Environmental Projects (GMBS EP), acts as a Project Development and integrated technology solution provider for environmentally sound water and energy projects.

Product-Market. Its main purpose is to make available Western European knowledge and technological solutions in (waste) water treatment and management, aquaculture and green energy generation to Asia and Middle East, with a special focus on Indonesia.

Clean Cycle. GMBS EP, as a vehicle of GMBS Business Support, caters to "clean cycle" projects in Asia and the Middle East. With clean cycle, GMBS EP means that it develops projects that integrate energy/water treatment relations, attach energy saving to energy generation solutions, and connect social sustainability with environmental sustainability according to the principles of People, Profit, Planet.

Illustrative cycles can also be for example:
Water is needed to grow agricultural crops, which crops, when harvested, produce by-products that can be used for energy generation, which in turn requires its waste water to be treated for it to become clean and usable again, be it as cooling water for the plant, or irrigation water for agricultural crops, or otherwise.
In other circumstances GMBS EP promotes energy saving and sustainable energy source introductions pertaining for water treatment, and where possible integrates waste-to-energy trajectories, such as for instance the use of biogas for electricity to power aerators in fish farming.