Aquaculture & Agro-industry

Food security is a hot item on the agendas of souvereign governments in our world today. Population is growing and thus more mouths to feed. On the other hand land to claim from mother earth is limited. Two conclusions basically: (i) we should increase quantitative and qualitative value of agriculture and aquacultural outputs and value chains, and (ii) we should do so in the most sustainable and responsible manner. This requires good stewardship in adherence to the People, Profit, Planet ("PPP") principles.

GMBS Environmental Projects ("GMBS EP") assists programs, projects and processes by using a holistic approach towards the development of production-waste-water-energy cycles. It seeks to do so by providing tailored technological solutions and financial support services in collaboration with its Project Implementation Partners ("PIP").

Important to GMBS EP is to effectively look into the applicability of fish or shrimp farm waste, processing by-products or agricultural crops as source of bio mass for energy production. The provision of integrated cost effective and sustainable energy and (waste) water treatment solutions for agro-industries are at all times taken into consideration where GMBS-EP is consulted.