“Project Development” houses four services, namely:

  • Project identification and facilitation
  • Supervision of cluster and joint market trajectories
  • Subsidy application for projects in emerging markets and developing countries
  • Agri-business consultancy in development projects

Project identification and facilitation

The transformation and crystallisation of your ideas into measurable results … we do for you and with you. We process and weave your ideas into a workable project plan, for you to realize your international growth and development plans. Cooperation and frequent communication and coordination between you and GMBS is essential therein. A well defined project plan, including background, rationale, methodology, approach, timeline, milestones and budget, can in turn attract new partners and funds.

Joint market entry

For some project-market or sector-region combinations, a clustered market approach is essential for proper exposure and market penetration. Especially with larger and more complex markets it may be advantageous, in addition to a joint approach, to involve your government. The Dutch government participates from time to time in initiatives, by shaping public-private partnerships in the form of deployment of diplomatic posts, guidance and support to trade missions, and financing of certain collective promotional activities. However, corporate clustering requires a dedicated coordinator. Issues like harmonisation of individual corporate interests versus collective interests and government interests, demand a lot of time and dedication. In addition, transparency and thus communication, and active involvement of members are key determinants for success. GMBS assists in shaping first initiatives and where appropriate seeks participation of the (Dutch) government, guides clustering trajectories, and advises on approach and implementation of commercial activities, or can fulfill the role of independent program coordinator.

Subsidy application

GMBS supports activities in emerging markets and developing countries by applying for subsidies for your projects. This is mostly in the sphere of feasibility studies, collective promotional activities (company visits, match-making, seminars, etc.), and investment projects (PSI), as funded by NL EVD Internationaal, the Agency for International Business and Cooperation of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Subsidy applications are rendered by us on a semi-no cure no pay basis.

Project consultancy

Agri-business consultancy and training in agricultural or development projects. These are mostly government funded projects or projects implemented under the loan or donation of multilateral development banks, such as Asian Development Bank and the World Bank.

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