Word to reader

GMBS is all about “walking the talk”. Not only with a focus on advisory and transfer of knowledge, experience and views… GMBS actually plays the game along your side with you, rather than whispering ways to play the game from the side line.

In my career where I have been engaged in management and advisory roles West and East, I longed for a sound board in the more complex and large scale projects from time to time; a friend helping me with the development and implementation of new ideas and strategies, or someone who confirmed my plans, or would give constructive feedback, honest and clear.

GMBS seeks to provide you that solution, with enthusiasm, reliable and committed!

The jointly entering of new roads and fields, where the destination is and remains paramount; that is our passion! It is the synergy of a collaboration based on your own knowledge of your company and line of business combined with GMBS fresh look at growth and market development, that we can create added value for your organization as a team.

In case you need an independent sound board, or someone who develops current or enters new markets with you along your side, please call or send your email to: support@gmbs.eu.



Maarten Smit