Working method

GMBS Business Support is small in size. This has the advantage of personal care and dedication, flexibility and easy access.

Partners. However, to effectively conduct regional development or large scale projects, GMBS surrounds itself by a pool of knowledge partners that complement the team to create the critical mass to develop and implement multi-disciplinary projects that exceed expectations. Besides the delivery of specialist advisory services, GMBS can act as project manager where so desired.

Social responsibility. GMBS only serves socially responsible, sustainable and environmentally sound projects. GMBS adheres thereby to the basic principles of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and balanced People-Planet-Profit (PPP). GMBS’ social responsibility philosophy and business concept focuses on the following:

  • delivery of qualitative good products and services to the client/consumer;
  • the creation of a safe working environment; payment of fixed pre-defined salaries;
  • investments in the development of human assets;
  • comply with fiscal, labor and environmental legislation;
  • building of trustworthy and sincere relationships with all relevant stakeholders;
  • development of value added business activities, whilst increasing value of shares;
  • take into consideration public expectations;
  • nourishing generally acceptable ethical values in the business processes; and
  • commitment towards local and community development within the proximity of its operations.

Client care. Informal in nature, where necessary formal, but always professional in our approach and actions. Just and clear handling come first, our word is gold, transparent and timely communication about what is possible and what is not, always pursuing a win-win situation for clients and their clients, to name a few. In each case we seek to build warm and lasting relationships with our stakeholders, both internally and externally, at home and abroad.

Procedure. Following a personal contact, initial orientation on the GMBS website or obtained documentation, you may decide to call or send an e-mail to GMBS. Usually a first free orientation session follows, where plans, expectations, opportunities and constraints of the aimed undertaking are discussed. After a possible click and match, you can request an offer / quotation. Upon your request this offer can be further clarified in person. In principle, the offer consists of activities / services rendered, aimed results, time schedule, rates and payment scheme.

Rates. Hourly or daily rates are charged for our advisory, training and coaching services. For subsidy applications we typically charge a small upfront writer’s fee plus a no cure-no pay percentage, which ranges between 8 and 15% of the granted subsidy amount. Agency services are commission-based, usually as a succession fee of goods or services sold.