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GMBS Business Support

GMBS Business Support, or in short GMBS®, is an Asia oriented Business Development Agency, which aims at initiating and supporting international strategic marketing, concept development and organisational alignment trajectories with and for governments and private sector companies.

GMBS is built on a passion for people and performance. The supporting of internationalisation and change trajectories, where differences and apparent contradictions are overcome in a responsible manner, is what makes our heart beat faster.

GMBS core expertise focuses on companies and agencies within green sectors and agri-chains, from supply to production and processing, and the marketing to end users.

Conquering new markets means having a clear vision, access to reliable information, investing in solid planning and respect for, and harmonisation with the final destination along the process. Allow us on your side to contribute to this process.

International growth plans?…Tap our brain! A first simple step without obligation, is to just pick up the phone and call or drop a short mail. A friendly contact or a few tips won’t hurt when you have increased export or international project plans.

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SIB coaching

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