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GMBS – your knowledge partner in agro-food export and project development

GMBS Business Support, or GMBS® for short, is a “one-stop-shop” agro-food business development agency specialized in the Gulf region and Southeast Asia, with a special focus on Saudi Arabia and Indonesia.

GMBS helps you with hands-on (i) market access and business expansion, (ii) initiation and coordination of international cooperation, and (iii) strategic advice.

We generate new business, remove obstacles and promote clients of both Dutch SMEs and renowned international parties, and support Dutch government agencies in facilitating and promoting this.

In short, as caregiver we do the tedious work for you, so that you can build your business and market without unnecessary delay and frustration.

Come to THE NETHERLANDS – gateway to Europe

Would you like to invest in or export to the EU with the Netherlands as your preferred point of entry, or do you want to collaborate with Dutch companies or organizations, but:

  • you don’t not know which companies meet your requirements and expectations?
  • you don’t know what you can expect or what is expected of you as a foreign partner, supplier, buyer or investor?
  • the urgency and/or physical or cultural distance is too big to initiate or coordinate everything yourself from your location?

…. then we relieve you by mobilizing, incorporating and following up your interests in the Netherlands and beyond!

partner-supplier-distributor search & qualification

company establishment

project-based liaison

market entry strategy

sector, risk and competitor analysis

SIB-coaching (for Dutch SME only)

Export support services

Would you like to export to markets in the Gulf region or Southeast Asia, but:

  • you don’t know where or how to start?
  • you not know whether your product or project has sufficient chances to become a success?
  • you are you confronted with trade and intercultural obstacles?
  • you do not yet have a clear picture of which local partners or off-takers can best help you on your way in or earn more in that market?
  • you are not able to ascertain sufficient clarity or end up in a bureaucratic maze?

…. then we will gladly help you to overcome these obstacles, side by side, whatever it takes!

partner search

project formulation

sourcing support

project management



Project development

Do you want to set up an international project in the Gulf region or Southeast Asia, but:

  • you do not have at hand the required expertise or resources, or just do not feel arranging the bureaucratic hassle?
  • you would appreciate some expert support in finding and coordinating or communication with partners?
  • you would need a professional who can who can formulate a sound project at acceptable cost?
  • you don’t know which financial support instruments and subsidies are available and how to secure these incentives?
  • you seek to achieve sustainable impact on your target market, but without unnecessary risks and high costs?

…. then we will arrange this for you, from design to implementation and commercialisation!

International cooperation

Would you like to work effectively and pleasantly with a foreign partner, but:

  • you don’t know where and how to best find reliable partners or approach them in the most effective manner?
  • your foreign partner performs or communicates “different” from your expectations?
  • there is a glitch in the relationship with your foreign branch, buyer, distributor or partner, which translates into disappointing results and frustrations?
  • you don’t know how and for which initiative you can receive government support?

…. then GMBS is your business ‘wingman’ in uncertain times!

match-making; identification, qualification & selection

international lobby & negotiations


bringing worlds together