Independent studies

The effective implementation of international projects stands or falls with thorough preparation. Oftentimes it is an interesting option to involve a party that does the required homework for you. Our independent position creates additional value when it comes to attracting partners and funding.

International market scans and sector studies

GMBS executes your international business development market and sector studies. These studies include from time to time macro-level demographic, economic, technological, legal, environmental and social-cultural factors, depending on the wishes of you as client. Components may include strength/ weakness analysis, e.g. SWOT analysis, in addition to describing market characteristics, opportunities and threats.

In sector studies, the meso-environment is mapped, i.e. the vertical column with its consumers, producers, suppliers, intermediaries, competitors and other public and private stakeholders. A short, concise and commercially written final report is the result. However, a comprehensive holistic market analysis with academic reporting is upon request also possible.

Feasibility studies

When starting your project, you want to have its feasibility well defined, calculated and analysed. This gives you insight into the financial attractiveness, success factors and possible risks associated with your investment. GMBS conducts studies to determine the commercial, technical and financial feasibility of a project. Depending on the nature, size and complexity of the study, several partner companies and experts are deployed by GMBS. Feasibility studies can in some cases be partially subsidised when conducted in collaboration with Dutch companies and suppliers.

Business plan

A business and/or financing plan will map your project in such a manner that it allows you to attract funding, such as a loan or additional equity. The Business Plan is mostly a result of a conducted feasibility study.

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