Code of Conduct

Integrity first. GMBS is dealing frequently with confidential and sensitive information, as derived from implementing the contract, or as made available by the client or other parties involved. Where GMBS is in contact with different companies, it is possible that they are each other’s competitors. In no event shall GMBS betray the confidence given by its clients. In addition to advisory services rendered, GMBS can act as representative or as agent from time to time under the trade name GMBS Environmental Projects or GMBS Trade Services. This could potentially harbor potential conflicts of interest; GMBS is aware of this and will work with its highest standards of professional integrity so as to avoid this, whilst guaranteeing the objectivity of its advice. Discretion and transparency are (however seemingly conflicting) keywords herein.

Sustainable entrepreneurship. GMBS rates each client and each project individually to its compatibility with the ethical values of GMBS. Initiatives cannot be harmful to people and environment in any way, shape or form; in such case we will not participate. Our standards of corporate social responsibility are listed in the section working method.

Indonesia - code of conduct

Cultural sensitivity. International Business and Cooperation requires adaptation; adapting to local customs and habits. A sincere respect for others and the environment of the other is a fundamental basis for any success. This entails making yourself familiar with culture and practices, Do’s and Don’ts in a country, and where at all possible learn the language. Only then, in an environment of mutual understanding and adaptation, parties find each other; supplier-distributor, joint venture partners, manufacturer-dealer, retailer-consumer. GMBS is keen to put its years of international experience to work in helping you to bridge any cultural differences.