advisory & support

New market? Entering new markets successfully requires vision, dedication and profound knowledge. Furthermore, a new “adventure” may not be undertaken at the expense of the existing customer portfolio. Effective use of existing resources for the current market portfolio, whilst at the same time allocate sufficient resources to capture new markets with dedication oftentimes does not go together. Here GMBS can assist you. The design and development of your plan of attack by e.g. preparing your marketing plan or entry strategy, but also the assessment of international business development plans, we like to do for, and in cooperation with you.

Sounding board. GMBS can support your activities as a sound board; by acting as a sparring partner we can assess, verify, or build further awareness of needed activities, resources, financial consequences and planning. A listening ear and resulting needs analysis will help you to map allocated resources and additionally required ammunition.

Generating new business. The searching and acquiring of international business can be done via different channels, there is no one-best-solution. It is important however, that your resources are deployed effectively towards your promotional activities, and that there are interdependent relationships between the different communication channels of your multi-channel campaigns. Your communicative expressions have to confirm the identity, culture and core of your business for it to appeal to your target group or respected market segment. GMBS helps you with this.

GMBS on the move for you. Do you want someone to hit the market for you; explore, screen, identify or otherwise make you root into a new market, and you cannot miss or don’t have available adequate staff?: Call us! Naturally, flexible and effective we enter the market for you, for instance to map potential partners, distributors or off-takers by identifying, screening and conducting interviews. You can also call us for participation in trade fairs and the preparation and conducting of business presentations.

GMBS advice and supporting services at a glance:

  • Marketing plans and entry strategy development;
  • Review and sound boarding activities;
  • Screening of lead generation and CRM processes;
  • Partner search and match-making;
  • Presentation and campaign improvement; and
  • Training Doing business in Asia.

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