As a Dutch company, GMBS focuses on:

  • Dutch organisations that seek to internationalise towards Asian markets, be it with or without involvement /support of the Dutch government;
  • Companies in Asia that seek to expand their operations in their own region or wish to enter or expand in the Dutch/EU market;
  • Governments in the respective regions who seek support in organisational strengthening, and the development or implementation of agricultural strategies and policy planning.

Your benefit?

Convenience and peace of mind in cross-border and intercultural business…

  • Bridging function helps you at an early stage to bring the broader context of your business development initiatives into your strategy. This results in improved deliberation on risks, new opportunities for co-financing /funding, a sparring partner for your business division in terms of marketing strategy and planning, etc.
  • Contributing of knowledge and awareness of the inter-cultural context in international business, increases success ratios of market entry, creation of joint ventures and projects.
  • Flexibility and commercial power by deploying GMBS to protect your interests at trade fairs, trade missions, project visits, etc.
  • Independent studies provide you with knowledge of the market or sector and creates the opportunity to attract additional funding.