GMBS serves both government and private companies. Although GMBS specialises in green sectors, with agriculture and horticulture in its centre, GMBS also adds value to clients active in the periphery thereof. The diagram below outlines GMBS service areas. Other sectors are assessed on a project-by-project basis.

GMBS sectors

Private Sector

GMBS Business Support assists Dutch small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in international business. Where market entry or expansion/roll-out trajectories have to be initiated or supported, you can count on us; we share our knowledge, experience and critical perspective on issues together with you.

Public Sector

Governments benefit from GMBS in particular by its independent position in guiding internationalisation processes of companies, both individually and in clustered context. Our strategic insight and extensive experience in emerging markets can be deployed for companies to more effectively benefit from government support programs. Further relevant services rendered are, project formulation, management and administration, in addition to (re) formulation of market-sector strategies and policy planning.