RI Ministry of Trade group 3-weeks training in The Netherlands completed

GMBS news - Indonesian Ministry of Trade - database management training
GMBS Maarten Smit - Indonesian Ministry of Trade - database management training
GMBS news - Indonesian Ministry of Trade - database management training

Images: Top – 16 motivated participants, eager to implement the project. Center – Key trainers Ms. Miriam Tegelaers (MDF) and Maarten Smit (GMBS). Bottom – consortium partner PBLQ -HEC Mr. Marc van den Muyzenberg and Jaap Romme.

The Indonesian Ministry of Trade, and in particular its Centre for Public Relations (HUMAS) has to comply with the new Law of Public Information Disclosure (UU RI No 14/2008), which requires them to make available a classification of four types of information, whilst becoming more transparent and service oriented to ministries and other governmental institutions, trade promotion centres, embassies, entrepreneurs, NGO’s and the public at large.

Between October 14 and November 1, a three weeks’ intensive training course was conducted under the umbrella of MDF Training and Consultancy HQ in Ede.

The “Online Database Management for Public Information” training project comprises of 3 phases, i.e. (i) a needs assessment in Indonesia, (ii) a three-weeks’ tailored training program in The Netherlands, and (iii) a Follow-up workshop in Indonesia expected to take place early December 2012.

The project was funded by Nuffic-NESO and covered information management, client orientation, project management and different database-related topics of more technical nature. The training was designed to be highly participatory and practical in its approach, with different excursions, guest lecturers, case studies and assignments related to the drafting of action plan and standard operating procedures.

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