6 JANUARY 2011

Bidding facilitation pays off; Tender Refinery Unit waste water treatment project won

GMBS Environmental Projects™ for and with Interagua LDA, and in joint collaboration with Indonesian partner PT Multicoat Prima Abadi, joined up with state-owned contractor PT. Hutama Karya for a tender to upgrade Pertamina Refinery Unit Dumai, Sumatra Waste Water Treatment Plant.

GMBS Environmental Projects facilitated the trajectory with and for its principal Interagua, to collectively bring the bidding process in a 5 month period to winning the bid at a contract value of approx. USD 7 million for the HK/MPA consortium.

Background. In the face of new and stricter discharge regulations in Indonesia Pertamina refineries are upgrading and building new industrial waste water treatment plants. The lead for the new Dumai refinery plant was picked-up by Interagua agent GMBS-EP through MPA in 2010. Under the technical guidance of Interagua the HK/MPA consortium was awarded the contract to build the new Pertamina Dumai RUII industrial waste water treatment plant. The new plant will be able to treat a constant flow of 400 m3/h of refinery waste water and 180 m3/h of treated waste water will be recycled through an ultrafiltration system. Although the new plant has to be operational within 330 days it is expected that discharge regulations will already be met by the end of August 2011.

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