Research capacity enhancement mission & Research planning and methodologies symposium

LEMHANNAS project coordination team meeting

Image: Kick-off meeting between LEMHANNAS Project coordinating team, Dutch experts and Indonesian experts at Lembaga Ketahanan Nasional RI (LEMHANNAS).

During October 29 and November 2, 2013, the first official research capacity enhancement mission to the National Resilience Institute of Indonesia took place.

Dutch and Indonesian experts in the fields of human rights, international security, natural resources stewardship and good governance, paired up with LEMHANNAS topical experts and assigned research participants to introduce new international insight, knowledge, research skills and networks to the benefit of the institute and the country at large.

Indonesia faces new dynamics of factors affecting the stability and resilience of the country. Climate change, ASEAN relations, South China Sea, maintaining horizontal social stability, agrarian reform and food security, are just a few of the many factors the country has to anticipate on, work with and provide scenarios and solutions for.

The 3-day Symposium was structured in the following sequential built-up: (i) plenary knowledge consumption, (ii) group interactive discussions, and (iii) assignments and presentations.

> LEMHANNAS RI is a politically important institute which trains (future) high level national cadre for Indonesia. The highly prestigious institute, which started off as the National Defence Institute in 1964, now directly reports to The President of The Republic of Indonesia. The institute offers degree and non degree training in collaboration with Indonesian universities.

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