Socialisation Solar Home System Project Biak islands, West Papua, Indonesia

Padaidori islands, Biak Numfor dstrict, West Papua, Indonesia

Image 1: Map of Padaidori islands, Biak Numfor dstrict, West Papua, Indonesia.

Under the so-called “Speklok” program, some 36 solar home systems will be provided to fishermen communities of the Eastern Biak islands of Padaidori, more specifically Pasi island.

Speklok, derived in full from “spesifikasi lokasi”, is a development program to make technologies available for selected remote communities in Indonesia. The program is carried out under the auspices of the Indonesian State Ministry of Research and Technology (RISTEK). The Solar Home System project is conducted by RISTEK, LAPAN (National Institute of Aeronautics and Space, location Biak), and DPR, the Indonesian House of Representatives, commission VII. DPR komisi VII financially supported and professionally coordinated the hardware procurement and socialisation activities.

The Solar Home Systems generate electricity for 3 LED light bulbs and 1 mobile charger. Now children can do their homework more conveniently at home in the hours after sunset. The parents do not need to go by boat to Biak island to charge their cell phone or depend on the use of expensive fosile fuel consuming and noisy generator sets of others.

GMBS, Maarten Smit, was invited to conduct the socialisation presentation on solar energy (see picture below). The Solar Home System units are aimed to be installed by LAPAN technical experts mid December 2013.

Socialisation presentation on solar energy, Pasi island, Biak, West Papua, Indonesia

Image 2: Socialisation presentation on solar energy for Pasi island residents.

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